Check-ups & Hygiene

The best prevention alongside your home care is attending regular dental check-ups and clean appointments. Your regular visit will include screening for oral cancer, gum disease and any areas that require attention. These visits allow early detection, which is SO important!

White Fillings

With major advancements in technology, tooth coloured composite restorations – white fillings – offer aesthetics and supports the remaining tooth structure. These are ideal for small to medium restorations as they are strong, durable and virtually unnoticeable. Lets restore those precious teeth!

Dental Sealants

These sealants serve as a protective layer preventing food from getting stuck in molars and pre-molars. Made from a tough plastic material that is durable enough to withstand the daily function of the teeth. They are inexpensive and painlessly installed and can last up to six years without needing to be replaced. They are a great way to prevent cavities.

Gum Treatment

Many people do not know they have “gum disease” because the gum on the outside may look the same but underneath aggressive bacteria can be sheltered from the cleaning action of your normal toothbrush attacking the bone that supports your teeth. Existing damage to your bone is irreversible, so prevention to avoid and treatment to control gum disease is important!

Root Canal

A damaged tooth that has nerve inflammation can be extremely painful. We act promptly, carrying out root canal therapy to get you out of pain and preserve your tooth. Root canal therapy which has a high success rate, is carried out and completed in comfort. Let’s keep those teeth!


On occasion teeth require extraction, be it wisdom teeth, severely decayed or traumatised teeth and in preparation for orthodontics. Should it be needed, we ensure you will be comfortable and looked after!

Sleep Appliances

The symptoms of snoring can be relieved with a MDSA splint by repositioning the jaw in a way that opens up the airway, allowing for better breathing. Bruxism known as teeth grinding occurs during sleep and times of stress. A night splint is one way to help if you are experiencing painful facial muscles, frequent headaches, earaches or excessive tooth wear!

Children’s Dentistry

We suggest a first visit around three years of age, once all the baby teeth have emerged. We make it fun with a ride in our chair, counting and polishing baby teeth. We monitor that the permanent teeth are emerging correctly preventing major orthodontic problems in the future. Regular visits ensure the development of good oral habits. Let’s teach children how to care for their teeth!

Mouth Guards

Trauma to front teeth is unfortunately common. The best mouthguards are ones created and custom fitted offering the best protection for your mouth and teeth. Enjoy your contact sports safely!

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See you Soon

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Let us show you gentle dentistry with heart.

Let us show you gentle dentistry with heart.

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