It’s a question I get asked countless times by patients and friends.

Which brush from the numerous options in the supermarket isles? Such a daunting range of options: soft, medium, firm, tapered tip, cross action, electric toothbrushes & even smart phone connectivity.

The golden rule is to select a SOFT brush and brush SOFTLY and spend the recommended 2 minutes to effectively brush all the teeth surfaces, particularly the gum line. That’s all that’s needed to remove the sticky deposits of plaque and not cause damage to teeth and gums. I often remind my patients that water can wear away rock over time! Sensitive teeth are often due to a firmer brush and/or using excessive force, resulting in enamel being worn away and receding gums. A telling sign is if your toothbrush bristles splay in a short time.

A manual toothbrush can be just as effective as an electric brush, used correctly and for long enough. The difference in technique we are more than happy to advise you on! Most electric toothbrushes have a two minute timer and the top of the range ones come with a sensor to warn when you are brushing too firmly if you wish reassurance.

Which is best for children? On a personal note, our 3 children brush well with manual or electric. On occasions, the manual is the obvious choice such as school camps and managing braces or an ulcer! On the other hand the electric toothbrush is effortless! It’s a matter of preference, just remember…. soft and softly!

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