When you see our dentists, you are treated like a customer, not just a patient. So be confident that at Lydiard Street Dental Clinic, you are getting the best customer service possible from our team.

Lydiard Street Dental Clinic’s mission is to provide you, our customer a high standard of service…that’s our service guarantee.


We protect your privacy and prevent unauthorised access to your personal information in accordance with relevant legislation.

We will never give your personal information to any other organisation unless required by legislation.


Patients wishing to change their appointments are to provide minimum 48hrs notice to ensure adequate notice is given to those on our waiting list.

Patients arriving late to their appointment may need to be re-scheduled to ensure following patients are not unfairly delayed.

We will endeavour to treat late patients as scheduled if it does not delay or compromise the treatment outcomes of other patients.


Your wellbeing is our main priority and we always spend the time required to inform and educate you about your oral health.

We will recommend treatments that we would recommend for ourselves and our own families.

We will help you to minimise serious dental degradation and avoidable costly treatments by identifying problems early through preventative care every 6 months, and if required give you access to the best diagnostic technology available.

We will provide you with a fee estimate and consent will be sought from you before commencing treatment.

We will provide information to facilitate an informed decision by you about treatment options.

We value your time – we will aim not to run more than 15 minutes late unless it was caused by circumstances beyond our control such as dental emergencies.

We will have a process for you to make provide us with feedback in relation to the services we have delivered.

We will only use personnel that have been through our stringent in-house training program as part of our Accredited Quality Assurance system.


Our fees are value for money and be in-line with the high quality of care we provide to our patients. Our goal is to help you by delivering the required level of care to ensure problems are identified and treated early, avoiding higher treatment cost in the future.


We will continue to conserve natural resources, protect the environment by the use of renewable resources, waste reduction, and stop the release of mercury to our waterways by capturing amalgam.

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