We all know to brush our children’s teeth twice a day and floss, but 55% of 6-year-olds had experienced decay in their baby (deciduous) teeth and 48% of 12-year-olds have experienced decay in their permanent teeth.

Things to avoid

A high sugar diet with lots of snacks or grazing.
Settling your baby to sleep with flavoured milks, cordials or fruit juice. These drinks feed bacteria that cause plaque which is sticky and will remain on the teeth and increase the risk of decay.
Avoid dipping dummies into sweet products.

Ways to improve oral health

Brush twice a day for 2 minutes and floss as often as you can.
Offer lots of fresh fruits and veggies,wholegrains and dairy products.
Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water instead of sugary drinks.
If your child is on medicine request a sugar free option.
Fluoride in tap water strengthens enamel. Be aware thatdrinking from tank water or bottled doesn’t typically have fluoride.
Maintain preventive care appointments, we will always help to catch any problems early and keep the costs down.

Healthy habits equal healthy mouths

Habits start from a young age so overall if you as a parent are demonstrating good oral hygiene habits your children will be a lot more receptive to it. Include them in your routines and let them help. Do these routines together and encourage good behaviours.

Also, encourage your child to have a positive perception of the dentist. We are happy for them to come along at a young age for a ride in the chair. Our gentle dentists will help your child feel at ease. If you have any questions please call us as we are always happy to help!!

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