If you are considering teeth whitening Ballarat, it is important to speak to your dentist first. Only a professional will be able to tell you if your teeth and gums are strong and healthy enough to undergo a teeth whitening procedure. If your dentist finds you a good candidate for teeth whitening, you will have to choose from the different options available. Here are the top three teeth whitening methods approved by top dentists in Australia

In-Office Bleaching

If you want quick and effective results, in-house bleaching is the best method. The procedure is performed in a dental clinic by an experienced dentist and takes about an hour to be completed. The process involves applying tooth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. Then a heating lamp is aimed at your teeth for about 20 minutes. The process is repeated three times with reapplication of the gel between intervals. Many dentists also use a laser to accelerate the process. This method is expensive, but the instant result it offers makes the option quite appealing. The results also last for several years compared to other methods.

Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels

Another great option for teeth whitening is trays and gels, but they take a little longer to achieve the desired results. Depending on the strength of the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, you will have to wear the clear trays for a couple of hours or even overnight. It can take anywhere from 3 days to about a few weeks to see the desired results. These teeth whitening kits are available from your dentist or over-the-counter. However, the ones from the dentist are more effective and give faster results as they have a stronger peroxide bleaching agent. Your dentist will be able to custom make the clear trays to ensure it fits you perfectly without causing irritation.

Whitening Strips (Not recommended)

Teeth-whitening strips are becoming widely available in every pharmacy around Australia. These are inexpensive and sold over the counter although come with serious side effects impacting our teeth’s natural health. They are often marketed as easy to us, and effective although, we do not recommend using these without seeking professional advice from your dentist first. Whitening strips often take a few weeks to produce the desired results depending on the strength of hydrogen peroxide that they contain. If you are looking to purchase whitening strips, make sure to check with your dentist for the best options available in the market.

Preventive brushing and flossing and maintaining overall oral hygiene can help keep your teeth bright. But, over time and with age, your teeth will naturally discolour, and a professional can guarantee you the best results. Teeth whitening Ballarat treatments at dental clinics are safer and stronger than home remedies while ensuring that the results last longer.

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