Private Health Insurance “Extras” is not a one shoe fits all product so it does really depend on the individual needs and their budget.  We recognise this and so we accept all health funds with Hicaps on site to swipe at the time of your appointment.  However, we are finding that lots of our patients are dropping their extras cover as it’s not beneficial for the amount they are paying the Health Fund.

Looking at the big picture, Choice Magazine stated that there is no or little value in Health Fund Ancillary Insurance (Extras Cover).  Health funds often give “FREE check-ups” as part of the “Extras Cover”.  This is the way that Health Funds are controlling where you go.  Instead, your health fund should be helping you to find the right dentist, and not enticing you to go to their dentist (called the preferred provider) by using a “Free” approach.  This is the private health funds way of sending patients to a dentist or clinic that they control, which is bad news for consumers.  We all know there’s no such thing as “Free”.  However, the health funds are creating a perceived value in “Extras Cover” with this “Free” approach.  This is their way of keeping you in the “Extras Cover”, as it brings in the most profit for the health funds.

Are we a preferred provider?

Absolutely not.  We aren’t deemed Preferred Providers by the private health funds.  The term “Preferred Providers” means the private health fund have control or influence over how the dentist operates through a contractual agreement. “Preferred Providers” certainly doesn’t mean the dentist or clinic have some special skill or anything special at all.
As we have chosen not to be Preferred Providers, we are not controlled by them (the Health Funds) as as we believe you should have the right to choose your own dentist and clinic you’re most comfortable with.  In addition, a dentist treating a patient should not be influenced or controlled by a health fund
Health funds and corporate entities have become increasingly involved in the management of dentistry, and restricting freedom of choice for clinicians, and limiting treatment options you have with qualifying periods or treatment exclusions.
There are many benefits of seeing us as your independent dental practice and not a Health Fund nominated dentist you don’t know and that you have not chosen.  Here at Lydiard St Dental Clinic, you will receive personalised care that is focused on your individual needs and preferences by an independent dentist who does not have contractual agreements with health funds. This delivers better outcomes as it is tailored to your circumstances with no third party (the health fund) influence.
In other words, you have the right to determine which dentist is your preferred provider and not the health fund telling you which one of their dentist which they control or influence is your preferred provider.
The treatment we recommend and provide is in your best interest and not what meets the Health Funds terms and conditions.  Compare that to being lumped in amongst thousands of Health Funds Members at Insurance Fund owned or contracted preferred provider practices.  The benefits in long-term outcomes for your oral health and potential cost savings becomes obvious.

Our Dentist at Lydiard St Dental Clinic in Ballarat will ensure:

  •  Personalised ongoing relationship that provides continuity of care every time based on knowing your full treatment history and preferences.
  • Quality preventative dentistry based around your personal needs and not profitability objectives.
  • A complete range of treatment options available for you to choose and treatment options most suitable for you clinically, without any restriction or bias created by the Health Funds.
  • You are in control of your oral health and reducing overall cost by having treatment when you need it and not letting minor issues escalate into costly major issues.
We are free from all Health Fund direction giving you full freedom of choice in treatment options not restricted to, or compromised by a third party clinical direction.  This will ensure you achieve the optimal outcome for your oral health.
This clinical freedom allows us to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment options for yourselves and your family.  It’s about you getting the treatments you need, when you need them.  Also it’s the consistency of care and reliability of service provided that sets us apart.
When it comes to your oral health and your smile, who you choose as a dentist is critical in ensuring long term optimal oral health and wellbeing.  Irrespective of what health funds attempt to dictate, we are able to ensure consistency of treatment and care for all our patients no matter what health fund or level you have.
At Lydiard St Dental Clinic, it’s about having our patient’s best interest at heart and providing the care that they deserve. So the next time you are offered that free check up or free checkup and clean from a Preferred Provider, consider why they don’t offer it at a dentist or clinic of your choosing.  Do your own independent research and make an informed decision for the sake of your oral health and your money.
If you need a Ballarat dentist then please don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly staff or make an appointment and we can discuss the best option that works best for you, and NOT the health fund.
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