It is no secret that kids love to eat chocolates and sugary items, as a result of which there is a high chance of cavity formation in their teeth. If left unchecked for long, it may lead to tooth decay and pain. Teaching kids the basics of oral hygiene is important to protect the teeth and ensure no oral issues occur that may cause pain or unwanted issues. This article would discuss several tips that should help you know more about preventing your kids’ tooth decay.

Set a Proper Tooth Brushing Routine

As per leading dentists, including child dentist Ballarat, the best way to maintain oral hygiene for kids and adults is to brush teeth twice daily. Brushing your teeth once in the morning and once in the evening would not only keep your teeth clean and shining but would also prevent the formation of cavities and gum disease.

The food debris, harmful germs and bacteria that may get stuck in the gaps between teeth can harm gums and cause infections. Following a strict tooth brushing routine, focusing primarily on teeth’s back molar, a cavity-prone area, helps keep kids’ teeth healthy and white.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Sitting on the dentist’s chair is intimidating for many kids. During the initial years, the children’s teeth are vulnerable and prone to falling out if not taken care of well. It is important to visit Child Dentist Ballarat periodically to check on oral health and if any treatment is required. Moreover, many times, kids cannot identify their teeth issues that a specialist child dentist can. Periodically visiting the dentist will help you identify the dental issues in advance and take necessary precautions before the teeth problem worsens. Ideally, dental check-up must be done once every six months.

Use Fluoride and Sealants to Protect Child’s Teeth

It is recommended to use toothpaste that has fluoride. Fluoride is a rich mineral that keeps the teeth strong and prevents teeth decay. The fluoride obtained through food, drinks, or water will reduce the risk of Kids tooth decay. Ensure that the fluoride is at safe levels as too much of it can cause teeth discolouration. The fluoride is also known to strengthen the enamel of the tooth.

Similarly, dental sealants are also known to protect teeth and are often prescribed by paediatric dentists. These plastic coatings are inserted on the chewing surface of the teeth that are prone to cavity formation. The sealants will not let the plague form in the grooves and prevent tooth decay and cavity formation.

Its application is simple and easy, and while it may seem uncomfortable for some kids, it does provide robust protection to teeth. You have to take the kids to the dentist regularly as sealants don’t stay for long periods. Look out for kids dentist near me to find a dentist you can regularly visit for your kids’ dental check-up and sealants’ application.

Avoid Sugary Food

Train your kids to eat healthy food instead of the sugary food items such as candies, fizzy drinks, chocolates, and ice creams that can erode enamel and result in tooth decay and cavities. Even when the kids eat these food items, they must regularly wash their mouth and brush twice a day to remove the sugar traces. When you find the right kids dentist near me, the dentist can also counsel kids on how their teeth would be affected if they keep eating sugary foods.

One can’t shy away from the fact that kids would be kids, and you can’t keep them away from food items they love forever. However, you can train them to consume sugary foods in moderation while practising oral hygiene routine to prevent severe dental issues.

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