If you’ve ever experienced a toothache you’ll know it’s not a pleasant experience. There are many reasons a toothache comes on. You may have noticed the pain after eating, woken up in the middle of the night or even felt it immediately only to impact the rest of your day. While a toothache is by no means enjoyable, we recommend contacting a trusted dentist for professional advice before performing any home remedies. This ensures your symptoms and causes are treated in a way which truly ends mouth pain.

If you’ve landed on this page because you are experiencing tooth pain, we are here to help explain some of the most common reasons for tooth pain.

Toothache symptoms – What does toothache pain feel like?

A toothache is painful and unsettling, which can make eating, sleeping and day-to-day life very uncomfortable. The most common types of toothaches can be described as a dull persistent ache that can be a result of multiple causes such as teeth grinding, abscessed tooth, gum sensitivity or something stuck in your tooth.

You can also know if you have symptoms of a toothache if you’re experiencing:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods – The main cause of tooth sensitivity is often linked to a variety of reasons although, the most common cause is due to eroded enamel. However, it is important to be attentive to the pain you experience as increased sensitivity can be a sign you need a filling replacement, have exposed roots, gum disease or tooth decay present.
  • Sharp pain on a tooth -When we experience sharp pains in the mouth, it is essential we seek medical advice from a trusted dentist to avoid severe pain occurring.
  • Throbbing and unbearable pain –If you are experiencing unbearable pain, contact an emergency dentist to have your tooth inspected immediately. If you consider your toothache throbbing and unmanageable, you may be experiencing various other symptoms such as a foul taste in the mouth and decolouration of gums. In this case, you may need to seek emergency care.

What can cause a Toothache?

To determine the cause of a toothache, a qualified dentist will often examine your teeth and ask you about the pain you are experiencing. It is not uncommon for the dentist to conduct X-Rays on your mouth depending on the type of pain you have. It is a dentist’s duty to look after us. The most trusted dentists are those that are thorough with diagnosis and are cautious for our safety to make the most informed and effective response to any situation. Here are the following additional oral issues that may increase your chances of experiencing a toothache:

1. Cracked or chip in tooth

2. Grinding

3. Impacted tooth

4. Gum disease

5. Sinus

6. Abscess

7. Tooth pulp infection

8. Damaged dental crown or filling

9. Tooth decay

If you feel a toothache beginning, contact Lydiard Street Dental for an effective and efficient solution to easing tooth pain. As Ballarat emergency dentists we are dedicated to offering reliable dental solutions with the highest level of customer service to ensure your experience in the dental chair is first class! Call our trusted dentist today and visit Lydiard Street Dental.

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